Cannes is fashion ! The greatest luxurious brands are present on the Croisette. The Rue d’Antibes propose some big european brands that everyone knows : Zara, Sephora, Desigual ? Lacoste, Levi’s, Galeries Lafayette… and many other else. In the pedestrian rue Meynadier some typical shops will give you the occasion to buy some souvenirs for your family or your friends, and to buy also some cooking specialities of the region. At the end of the street, you will see the Marché Forville, open halls, where the good fresh products of the region (vegetables, fish, fruits…) will know how delight your tastes and your eyes.

In winter, you will find typical market in the different station of the Mercantour (Auron, Valberg, Isola 2000) with local products.


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